Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Vegetable Market

One of the places in Korea I will miss the most is the Gwangmyeong Vegetable Market. A half-mile from my apartment, I go there once a week for food, mainly produce and meat.


You can tell when your close to the market, because the fruit and vegetable stalls begin to line the street.


What's nice is the people know me. Then again, I think I'm the only white guy who comes through there. I've never seen another foreigner there. It's a routine for me too. I have certain vendors I go to for everything. Some of them know what I want when I walk up to the booth.

It's helped my Korean too. Nobody there speaks English, so I have to speak Korean when getting vegetables, asking the price or even checking if there is something available.


The place is big, and there are stalls selling mostly fruits, vegetables and meat, but they also sell clothes, household items and prepared food.


It's a ritual I undertake every week and it takes only about an hour, but I love it. The food is fresh and cheap. A weeks worth of produce that would feed a family of four costs about $20. It's a great bargain. Unfortunately, the closest thing I'll find in the states is an over-priced farmers market filled with hippies. It's a damn shame.
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Friday, January 9, 2009


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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm coming back ...

Yes, coming back to the good ole U.S. of A.

With the economy in such robust shape, I figured now would be a better time than ever. I'll be back around the end or middle of February and staying for good. Stay tuned for more info.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nam and Cambodia


I've finally written all my captions to tell you about Vietnam and Cambodia, where Marissa and I spent two week holiday in August.

Just click the link and you're there.

Nam and Cambodia



Saturday, November 1, 2008

I love election season ...

Even from afar, I still listen to National Public Radio podcasts and reading the online news sites (I still refuse to visit blogs for some jackasses opinion when that jackass is not me.)

But I worry a little, my absentee ballot has not been processed, according to the Los Angeles County registrar's web site.

But the election has a lot of interest here. Koreans feel like it impacts them, which it does, because their economy is closely tied to the U.S. Also, there are still U.S. bases here with thousands of various military personnel in the country. So foreign policy is important for these people.

A lot of Koreans I've spoken to though, don't have a preference to McCain or Obama. There are many who like Obama, and there are many who respect McCain. Regardless, they're watching.

Most of the people I speak to though, are other foreigners from English speaking country. It's been amazing. I can't count a single English speaker I know, whether from the States, Canada, England, New Zealand or Australia, who like McCain. It's unanimous support for Obama.

Granted, this is anecdotal evidence, but it's still pretty amazing. All of these people are other English teachers, so I'm sure if I new one of the military people they might think differently. Most of the teachers here are more liberal than conservative. Hell, some are commies.

But in case my vote is not counted (which doesn't matter because I live in California where Obama will win by at least 20 points) please Californians, let the gays get married. Vote no on 8. Don't let religious and personal moral beliefs be legislated and forced upon you. Remember when I warned you about the ban on smoking and the mandatory seat belt law. Well this is the next step.

Let people practice their own beliefs and teach their children what morals they want them to believe. Don't let the government do it.

Also vote no on any bond measure. We just don't have the money this year.

(in my best John McLaughlin style voice) PREDICTIONS:

-Obama wins by a landslide, even picking up Colorado, New Mexico (there's a New Mexico, Nevada, Missouri, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Virginia.

-Sarah Palin shoots two six-shooters in the air and then flashes the audience in a drunken concession speech that includes a shout out to her favorite NASCAR driver. (This is a fantasy, rather than a prediction.)

-Some jackass propositions will pass in California though the state is bankrupt and can't afford any more damned borrowing.

-Republicans, though they lost fair and square, will accuse the democrats of voter fraud, thus continuing the cycle of conspiracy theories about who really won.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Taking the LSAT ...

the law school equivalent of the SAT. Will be back in a few days with another wacky adventure. Hang in there Keller.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OK I'm back

A big I'm sorry to Rod and Jeff, my loyal and obsessive readers, for being gone. Here's what happened since my last post:

Went to Nam.
Got back from Nam.
Did NOT receive a parade.
Marissa left for back home. (Her contract finished and mine doesn't finish until February.)
Picked up a teachers training program that means extra money, but also 12 hour days three days a week.

OK now you're officially caught up on my life. Pretty amazing, huh? Old people who sit on benches at the mall have more interesting things to write about than I do.

However, I can not fathom being removed from Rod's favorites list. In fact, I am disgusted with myself I allowed this blog to drop a few notches.

Now, back to life in Korea. More coming later. For right now, enjoy some random images (with captions Al.)

Korea has tons of theme bars. This one is a tent them where you sit in a, yes, you guessed it, tent. To my right is my friend Paul from New Zealand and to my right, some Korean guy whose name I never remembered so I couldn't have forgotten it. TOTH to Matt.

Out one night in a unversity area, and we saw this dude in a beer costume. This is very common here. In any given area of Korea, you will see costumed things like this walking around every weekend. So my friends and I took a picture with it. Then I decided to hump it. What are you gonna do? (TOTH to Matt for the pic from Facebook.)